Lowend VPS and more…

We will be posting Low Priced VPS and Hosting offers from Hosting Providers/ Web hosting companies.
If you are a web hosting company please feel free to send us your discount offers and coupon codes so we can post them here for prospective buyers.

We will publish mostly low priced (usually $7.00/mo or less) or discount VPS offers and under $49.00 Dedicated servers offers..
We will also be scratching about getting out more from your Lowend VPS.

Contact us.

If you have any question that you wish to contact LowEndVPS.Website about please send us an email.

Spams or unsolicited commercial emails will go directly to trash bin.


Q. What offers can be listed on LowEndVPS ?  What is your listing criteria?

For virtual private server (VPS) packages,
•Providers under 12 months old need to display valid public WHOIS information on their domain.
•VPS offer must be under USD $7 per month for monthly billing, or USD $48 per year for yearly billing (~USD$4/month).
•We will not list VPS offers that only have yearly billing option, if the provider is under 1 year old.
•We will only list one offer per provider per 30 days.

Q. I am a VPS provider. How do I get my offers published?

Please contact us (using our email address) and tell us about your hosting package. It must meet our listing criteria, and please include
•Amount of memory, disk/storage space, bandwidth, CPU, port speed, and any other information about your plan that you can provide
•Type of virtualization, i.e. Xen, OpenVZ, VMWare, etc…
•Location of your servers and which data center are you hosting with (test IPs and files are a plus)
•Company name and domain
•Pricing (promotion codes if applicable)

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